I prefer to see people in person, but sometimes distance makes that impossible. I will usually try to recommend an herbalist in your community if I know of one. If not, I am happy to do a phone consult please email: and we can schedule a time or discuss your options.



Herbal Care Sessions

A custom herbal care session is intended to be an educational consult where tradtional knowledge of plants is shared as well as faciltate an individual's relationship with their innate healing ability. This is in no way intended to replace or simulate the activities of mainstream medicine that would diagnose, treat, or cure a medical condition and any resemblance to such is entirely incidental, and in fact, we hope that these sessions are far more inspiring and self-empowering than that. Diagnosis, treatment, and cure are not central to this work but may be applied to guide your personal vision of health and wellness. 

These sessions offer a whole and natural approach to healing based in the foundations of Traditional Western Herbalism. In a session, we will address not only herbal, but nutritional and lifestyle patterns and behaviors that may assist and support the healing of a wide range of physical imbalance. The goal is to share the specifics of herbal knowledge, self-attunement and positive actions  that will help you to access your innate healing potential while, at the same, remove obstacles to that process. 

Issues that can be addressed include chronic and longstanding health concerns such as lyme disease, auto-immune conditions, anxiety and complex trauma related issues including depression, cancer. These sessions are focused on attention to not just immediate physical complaints, but to the the underlying constitution and pattern of imbalance. All aspects of human health will be addressed including emotional, mental, cultural and environmental influences.  Herbs are recommended  as important tool to supporting the resolution of chronic and acute illness alone or as an integral  and complementary part of other practices.  This type of deep healing work requires a deep commitment and it may take several months for there to be noticeable shifts. The general rule is one month of following an herbal protocol for every year that the condition or issue has been present. Please be prepared to work together over a period of time and plan for 2-4 follow-ups. 

Initial Session
Expect your initial to last from 1-2 hours. You will receive an intake form to be filled out before you come. When we meet we will go over your intake form together and explore the best options for your treatment protocol. We will work together to determine your unique needs, constitution, and the underlying patterns of your symptoms.
Sessions may include recommendations for:

  • Herbal tinctures, teas and other preparations and supplements including flower essences
  • Nutrition
  • Self-care of body, mind, and spirit
  • Movement practices
  • Resources and referrals

A specific plan to meet your individual needs will be discussed and that will generally include an herbal formula to made following each session. The formula is a customized combination of herbs designed for your unique situation. The cost of a two-week supply of your formula will be about  $25-30 plus shipping. All herbal recommendations are charged separately and you are in no way obligated to buy anything from us. We always consider your budget requirements and will help you source the best quality herbal preparations or supplements for the best prices as well as offer guidance in making your own remedies.  


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Follow Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are usually 4-6 weeks after the intial appointment and generally last an hour or less. During these we will assess shifts that you have experienced on your protocol and other issues that may have arisen. We may make changes to your plan at this time if necessary.

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Short/Acute Sessions

If you simply have an acute concern such as fever, earache, minor infection, colds and flu and need some short-term herbal support to promote resilience and quick recovery you may prefer a short visit. These usually last about 30-45 minutes and will offer you some simple tips for self-care as well as recommendations and instructions for herbal formulas, teas or other treatments. Sometimes you may choose an already made product or rememdy or need advise on what you can use from your own herbal supplies.

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Flower Essence Session

Flower essences are powerful energetic and emotional allies for growth and healing related to any and all aspects of life. During a consult we will explore your current emotional and physical health as it relates to your personal history, health issues, and future dreams and goals. Each flower holds its own unique qualities and characteristics that are arranged in an energetic, molecular and electrical vibratory sequence. This vibration is infused into pure spring water when the flower is in its optimal bloom and the preparation is preserved in brandy and bottled. The patterns that reside within the molecular, biological and energetic structure of flowers and plants correspond to specific human conditions, as we have co-evolved, and the essences are used to promote the clearing and release of obstacles to healing and to identify and activate strengths and potential gifts. 

During a session you will receive a formula of several essences that are specific to your current needs. The essence is will be mixed into a small 1/2 oz. bottle that you can take with you anywhere. You will be given full explanation of each essences primary qualities and it generally recommended that you take the essence for up to one month. Although flower essences can invoke change and healing quickly, it is more often an ongoing journey where as we seek and explore our own nature we realize that the healing process is life long. It is most optimum to follow up with a new essence whenever it seems that lessons and conditions have shifted.

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Astrology Readings

Astrology is a symbolic language that has been in practice since ancient times. It is an empowering tool of self-discovery and insight. These readings are not intended to be predictive but as a method of excavating the true self , unique genius and the ultimate potential of the soul. 

One-two hour reading......$75

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Combination Astrology Reading and Corresponding Flower Essences

This combination is brilliant as we can identify the movement and direction of life energies and apply flower essences to support and deepen your understanding of your current influences.

One to one and a half hours.....85$




Moon Journaling Lunar Alignments

These sessions are intended to help you to identify and align with your own natural cycles. All aspects of nature are cyclical and, as part of nature, humans are cyclical too. As we move through our daily lives, we are influenced on these cycles based on the moon phase, the seasons, our life phases, our individual constitution and the choices we make about our relationships, our lifestyle, the foods we eat and medicines we choose to address our imbalances.  Becoming mindful of our cycles and honoring them as they arise is an empowering and healing practice.  When we track and record our daily feelings as they correspond to natural cycles we can begin to notice patterns of alignment, stress cycles, creativity, physical symptoms, sensitivity, etc. Together we will chart your own courses and address your personal intentions and healing aspirations by using the 30-Day Moon Calendar as a daily journal along with some or all of the following tools:


A Custom Flower Essence

Herbal Recommendations

Dream Exploration

Guided meditation

Nutritional guidance

Chakra Clearing


One Alignment....$100

Three Alignments(3 consecutive months)....$225

Six Alignments(6 consecutive months)......$375

12 Alignments(1 year)........$600