"Gratitude to the Plants, the sun-facing light-changing leaf
and fine root hairs; standing still through wind
and rain, their dance is in the flowing spiral grain
in our minds so be it"
-Gary Snyder


We are going through some big changes here at Hawthorne Hill Herbs! After many years as a small herbal product business our roots have deepened into the many layers found within the great teachings of the plants. From this The Root Circle has formed and we have found it timely and in alignment to shift our goals and mission from a focus on herbal products to our writing projects, educational center, and place-based practice of being in tune with the land, our community, and the pulse and flow of natural cycles.

We are in the process of building a new website to meet our current goals and mission but, until then, we will continue to hold space here on this site. Eventually all searches for “Hawthorne Hill Herbs” will be directed to therootcircle.com

We will still have some herbal preparations available in our shop as we make batches of this and that as we are inspired. So, please check for what’s new in there! You will also find our current class schedule and, of course, continued blog articles. 

The Root Circle intends to be a mystery school, plant-based cultural center, herbal education school, and source of place-centered principles of animism, sustainability and community resilience,  Earth magick, and ecological and social justice.