Welcome To Hawthorne Hill Center for Bioregional Herbalism
Hawthorne Hill Herbs is an herbal education and garden center located in the Kuyahoora Valley just a few miles south of the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. We are immersed in the lush, rolling foothills on the ancient flood plain of the West Canada Creek. This beautiful valley is home to a wild and diverse bioregion full to the brim with natures great bounty.

The offerings here are shared by Lisa Fazio and Scott Ferguson based on their many years of direct experience with the plants and their healing potential. At Hawthorne Hill Herbs we provide classes, workshops, outreach and resources based in the foundations of Traditional Western Herbalism with a strong focus on bioregionalism and permaculture. It is our mission to engage the methods of these systems to access the full potential of herbal medicine and what it has to offer the human community. It is our practice and philosophy to live in harmony with the natural ecological forces and patterns of the land in an effort to re-inhabit, re-localized and re-connect with a basic, more sustainable, resilient and mutual relationship with place, thereby establishing contact with an inherent sense of home and a our capacity for health on all levels. Plant based medicine was, at one time, the primary healthcare system of all people on Earth and it is our intention to facilitate the further and continued resurgence of this simple, highly accessible, yet profoundly empowering medicine tradition. Hawthorne Hill Herbs wholly supports local, sustainable business and agriculture. Our purpose focuses on, not just the health of the individual, but the health of the family, the community and the ecology of the entire region in which we live.

Lisa Fazio is a community herbalist, certified Wilderness First Responder, certified Street Medic,  flower essence practitioner and yoga teacher. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the State University of New York and an Associates Degree in Human Services with a concentration in Developmental Disabilities from Mohawk Valley Community College. She also has done graduate work towards a M.S. in Ethnobotany with studies in Botany, Chemistry and Environmental History. Lisa has trained in and practiced Traditional Western Herbalism for over 20 years completing several formal apprenticeships beginning in 1994 with Herbalist Kate Gilday of Woodland Essence. She continues to be under Kates mentorship to this day and spent 12 years as an employee for her business working as a wildcrafter, gardening, consulting with customers, filling orders, preparing formulations and all other aspects of herbal medicine making.  Lisa also worked and learned from late herbalist Jean Argus of Jean’s Greens as she was employed as an organic gardener and medicine maker.  Lisa completed a year long herbal apprenticeship with Minnesota herbalist Matthew Wood from Sunnyfield Herb Farm, mathewwoodherbs.com from 2001-2002. Matthew is one of the leading herbalists in the United States and has researched and taught across the country on the history of Western Herbalism from the time of the Eclectics and Physiomedicalists. The focus of this apprenticeship included the study of Energetic and Practical Herbal treatment, The six tissue states, the four qualities, the six directions, the twelve primary organ systems, traditional herbal diagnosis, specific medicine and Western Herbal materia medica.  Her next apprenticeship was in 2006 with Plant Spirit Healer Pam Montgomery of Partner Earth Education Center in Vermont where studies were focused on the theory and practice of Spiritual Ecology, the Heart as the Path to Spirit, Plants as teachers, Journeying, Working with the Medicine Wheel, Five Element Theory, the Chakra System, the Three Doshas of Ayurveda, and Flower Essences.

Lisa also recognizes the great teachings she has received from her direct contact with nature and the plants. She spends as much time as possible hiking, exploring and just enjoying the wilderness, woods, hills and valleys of the Northeast. It is a constant intention of her work to help maintain and preserve these diverse environments with particular focus on native plant species, their uses, conservation and proliferation.

Scott Ferguson grew up in the foothills above the Mohawk Valley and is a father, master carpenter, civil engineer, surveyor, computer specialist, hunter, artist and naturalist whose work is focused on sustainable energy and primitive building.  He manages, co-designs, and engineers the entire physical infrastructure at Hawthorne Hill Center including web design and networking. Scott maintains an ongoing business as a consulting engineer for heavy highway construction, renewable energy development and environmental remediation projects within the matrix of modern corporate America while staying close to the Earth amongst the wild and weedy hills and valleys of the highlands. He is an expert furniture maker specializing in the use of non-electric tools and traditional joiner without the use of mechanical fasteners. His woodwork, at one time, was featured, sold and displayed among the fine art of Philadelphia galleries.  He is the corner stone and co-founder of Hawthorne Hill ensuring the flow, function and continuity of every aspect.