Hawthorne Hill at Dusk

Welcome To Hawthorne Hill Herbs
Hawthorne Hill Herbs is a small farm and herbal apothecary located in the Kuyahoora Valley just a few miles south of the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. We are immersed in the lush, rolling foothills on the ancient flood plain of the West Canada Creek. This beautiful valley is home to a wild and diverse bioregion full to the brim with natures great bounty. The offerings here arise from many years of direct experience with the plants and their healing potential. All of our products were made over the course of time as needs and ailments arose in family members and friends. We grow and ecologically wildcraft our ingredients as much as is possible. If need be, herbs and materials may be purchased from other companies that reflect our same ethics and values.
Hawthorne Hill Herbs wholly supports local, sustainable business and agriculture. We have a strong intention that focuses on, not just the health of the individual, but the health of the family, the community and the ecology of the entire region in which we live.

My name is, Lisa Ferguson Crow, and I am the owner of Hawthorne Hill Herbs. I am a practicing herbalist, plant spirit healer, teacher, mother of 4 beautiful children, and organic gardener that has been devoted to the path of herbal healing for the past 22 years. I was fortunate as I grew up to have developed a deep love for the woods and wilds spending a great deal of time with one set of grandparents who lived in the Adirondack mountains; the other who were farmers in the fields and meadows of the foothills and at my childhood home in the lush and ecologically diverse Mohawk Valley.  I was introduced to herbal wisdom in my early twenties which not only strengthened my bond with nature, but showed me the immense healing potential that this traditional medicine practice has to offer my self, my family, my community and my culture.  Through my study and experience I have come to learn that true plant healing, connection and empowerment is available to all of us through the simple remedies and foods that can be made from our own backyards.

My formal training in Western Herbalism involved a series of apprenticeships with a variety of amazing teachers. I began my studies with herbalist Kate Gilday of Woodland Essence in the early ‘90s and I am still under her mentorship. I also became an employee of her company learning and working at the day-to-day requirements of gathering and processing herbs from the wild and from her many organic gardens.  I also worked and learned from late herbalist Jean Argus of Jean’s Greens as I was employed as an organic gardener and medicine maker.  While working for both Kate and Jean I embarked on an apprenticeship with Minnesota herbalist Matthew Wood from Sunnyfield Herb Farm, mathewwoodherbs.com.  Matthew is one of the leading herbalists in the United States and has researched and taught across the country on the history of Western Herbalism from the time of the Eclectics and Physiomedicalists.  My next apprenticeship was with Plant Spirit Healer Pam Montgomery of Partner Earth Education Center; in Vermont. Here I was taught the basics of ancient shamanic healing practices and spiritual ecology among other things.

I must also recognize the great teachings that I have received from my direct contact with nature and the plants. I spend as much time as possible hiking, exploring and just enjoying the wilderness, woods, hills and valleys of the Northeast. It is a constant intention of my work is to help maintain and preserve these diverse environments with particular focus on native plant species, their uses, conservation and proliferation.

It is my belief that local/bioregional connection to self-healing, nature and plants is one of the foundation blocks to healthy and sustainable culture that is strong, nourishing and can provide a container for the gifts and beauty of its entire people.