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Flower essences are made through the ancient process of alchemy that converts energy from one form to another. Flower essences hold the unique energetic qualities of each plant in a form that can be imbibed and recieved by the human bio-system. Plants and people co-evolved, as has all life on Earth, and all living things contain the basic elements and molecules of matter in different proportions and arrangements. The individual characteristics of each plant species corresponds in some manner to human qualities, conditions, illnesses, creative genius and all possible potentials. We use flower essences to activate the innate healing and evolutionary processes within us on an emotional, spiritual and even physical level.


****Each essence is made with pure Adirondack spring water and brandy


Single Essences

Single half ounce stock glass bottles made with brandy and pure Adirondack spring water.

Ground Cherry

White Snakeroot


Planetary Essences

Plants, planets and healing have been interconnected throughout history. The early beginnings of modern herbalism were recorded by Nicholas Culpeper, an herbalist and astrologer who recognized the co-evolutionary similarities between the movements and patterns of the 'heavenly bodies' and the form and energy of the plants. The following flower essences were created based on my lifelong practice and study of both astrology and flower essences.


The Inner Planets


Full Set......$70

Contains: Seven 1/2 ounces stock bottles.

Essences: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn

Individual Essences.....$11 each

Sun Essence -Use this essence to activate your authentic personality and to call in the true work or dharma of  your soul this lifetime.  It can be used to soften difficult aspects and angles to the sun and help to integrate lessons from these influences as well as gain self knowledge that will lead to further clarity about who we really are. This essence is great during the time of our solar return(our birthday!) It can support us in all of our actions and endeavors as we embark on a new solar cycle. Full description

Contains:Essences of Angelica, Sunflower, Goldenrod, Chamomile, Hawthorne, St. Johnswort

Moon Essence-This essence will provide support for the Moon’s placement and transit in the astrological chart and to guide us through the monthly waxing and waning  cycle.Whether we are physically male or female we still contain both masculine and feminine energies that can become imbalanced. This essence will align with our innate feminine qualities such as intuition, nurturance, body awareness, sensual experience, creativity and the negotiation of emotional states. Full Description

Contains:Lotus, Evening Primrose, Mariposa Lily, Datura, Mugwort, Pomegranate

Mercury Essence-This essence is for clear communication, to settle restlessness, and to facilitate the primary creative energy that Mercury patterns contain. For all Mercury transits including Mercury retrograde. Full Description

Contains: essences of Elecampane, Cosmos, Skullcap, Allegheny Mimulus, Great Blue Lobelia

Venus Essence– for beauty, art, creativity, sexuality, compassion and to unify these qualities with a true sense of love for self and others. For blocked creativity, lost love and any hard aspect to Venus in the astrological chart. Full Description

Contains: Allegheny Mimulus, Great Blue Lobelia, Blue Vervain, Wild Rose, Wild Cherry

Mars Essence-for assertiveness, self-affirmation and overcoming obstacles.  To help us focus on direct action but with logical and balanced restraint. To re-direct anger into healthy attainment of goals and create healthy boundaries

Contains: Teasel, Agrimony, Larch, Garlic, Wild Rose, Sacred Basil


Jupiter Essence-To help us to hold abundance and expansion but to moderate excesses.

Contains: Essences of Black Cohosh, Chicory, Goldenrod, Blue Vervain,  Sunflower, Angelica

Saturn Essence-This essence addresses the energy pattern of Saturn as it moves through our lives either in our astrological transits or in events and circumstances that align with the Saturnian archetypes that include structure and manifestation.

Contains:Mullein flower, Solomon's Seal, Wild Sarsparilla, Comfrey, Hellebore, Echinacea, Bleeding heart and Bittersweet Nightshade


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