A project of Hawthorne Hill Center For Bioregional Herbalism

as a chapter of

 Herbalists Without Borders.

We currently accept donations and funding so that we may provide sliding scale payments for those who are in need of herbal medicines and cannot otherwise afford them. We hope to have a location, at some point, where tangible donations of herbal preparations can be stored, made and distributed. Anyone who is in need of services and who lives in Herkimer or Oneida County of New York State is eligible. You must be under the care of a qualified herbal practitioner. 



The Mohawk Valley Community Apothecary is a fund created to provide access to herbal medicines for those that cannot otherwise afford them. It is our mission to actualize an anti-capitalist economic model that will offer accessibility and sustainable exchange for herbal preparations. This is a project of Hawthorne Hill Center For Bioregional Herbalism for the time being with future goals of achieving non-profit status.



Our vision is to provide a resource that increases accessibility to herbal medicines. We believe that plant based medicaments are a fundamental component of intact, healthy human community. All cultures worldwide, at one point in time, used plants and plant-based healing methods as their primary form of healthcare and, in fact, many still do.

We believe that herbal medicine is imperative to the future resilience and sustainability of human life on Earth, that healthcare is a basic human right, and that each person has the inherent freedom to choose their modalities and methods of healing regardless of economic status.

It is our intention to align with current models of permaculture and bioregional social and healthcare systems that are not centralized or profit driven but, instead localized, needs based and place sensitive with utmost consideration for balanced relationship with the environment..

We honor and value this ancient medicine tradition and its many original forms of healing but acknowledge that its recent resurgence is happening in the current times. We are creating this fund to address the financial needs of the present generations and the unique and specific conditions that we live among, but with the future in mind. We hope to contribute in this small way to a vision that will manifest a legacy that holds true to the compassionate, grass-roots and community-oriented traditions of the past but that is applicable and practical to meet the needs of a new world.

To apply for services or for questions you may contact:

lisa@hawthornehillherbs.com or call: 315-845-1562

Application form and explanation of benefit options is attached!

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Mohawk Valley Community Apothecary Fund

Summary of Flexible Payment Options

1. Our sliding scale system is designed to provide exchange options that will fit any budget.  There is a cost in making herbal preparations including, time, shipping and the cost of supplies. Because of this we ask that you pay what you can. We are honored and grateful to offer an alternative healthcare payment system and make herbal medicine available to as many people as are in need.

2. We do not ask for income information and it is up to you to determine what you can pay based on your current financial situation. Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis and so eligibility in this program is based on the availability of funds.  We are fully funded by donations. Any contribution that you can make will allow an opportunity for someone else who may be in need. You may be able to pay more at some times than others and so you may always choose a different option.

3. If you cannot afford the lowest price option we can offer a gift exchange on a limited basis as funds allow.


Sliding Scale Exchange Options

Liquid Herbal Extracts





Retail Price





Full retail price

Wholesale cost





35% off retail price

60% Discount





60% off retail price

90% Discount





90% off retail price

***For a PDF download of this table click the attachment link below along with an application for services.




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