Many Roots Earth Center

Many Roots Earth Center is an educational and cultural center founded in the the folk herbal tradition, bioregionalism, primitive skills, conservation, and ecology. It grew out of the seeds of plant medicine that led us to discover the brilliance, grace, wildness of nature and her cycles. 

Many Roots has many offerings including literature, educational materials, classes, and hands-on workshops. Our classes are held in our newly renovated classroom on our land in the Kuyahoora Valley.  We are also available to present classes, lectures, and workshops at other locations. 

Below is a list of our upcoming classes and events! For questions and inquiries please email us at:





Moon and Plant Wisdom

~An Herb Gathering for Women of all ages and stages

With Kate Gilday and Lisa Fazio

A series of four evenings, one per month:

January 25, Wednesday February 22, Wednesday March 22, Wednesday April 19

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Many Roots Earth Center

2739 Newport Rd, Newport NY

Join Kate and Lisa in this special circle where we will share knowledge and tools for self-care specific to the female reproductive cycle during all phases of life. As women we embody the feminine side of nature that often requires us to nurture and care for others making it important that we refill our own vessels. This series of gatherings will offer us a time to address our own inner needs, our health and well-being, and connect with others. We will discuss the art and practice of self- care, herbal remedies, nourishment, Ayurveda, flower essences, moon and dreamtime wisdom, and the overall empowerment of the feminine.

Each gathering will address specific topics:

  • January 25- Menstruation ( our moon-time) , the hormonal cycle, and menstrual issues~ PMS, Cramps, Heavy bleeding, irregular cycles
  • February 22-Reproductive conditions; Fibroids, Cervical Dysplasia, STD’s, UTI’s Ovarian cysts,etc
  • March 22- Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, aphrodisiacs too!
  • April 19-Menopause; peri-menopause, menopause, and post menopause

This program is offered as a series or as individual classes:

Rate for full series: $80.00

Individual Class: $25

*Please pre-register to save your space!


***If the cost of this class is beyond your reach please contact us~ No one will be turned away!


Crystal Valley Red Tent @ Many Roots Earth Center


April 1, 2017 2-6PM

Hosted and facilitated by Lisa Fazio

Together we will explore dreaming as a tool for self-awareness. Even if you don't remember your night dreams, everyone has them! We will discuss methods to promote dream recall, what dreams are, and where they come from, perhaps demystifying our night journeys(not too much :D) to make our dreamtime a more accessible source of insight.

Symbols and imagery in dreams are unique to the individual and arise from the landscape of our unconscious that, when we connect with, can reveal great inner and outer truths.

Bring a notebook and pen, a recent dream if you have one, a yoga mat if you have one, and a pillow or blanket.

Why are we renaming the Mohawk Valley the Crystal Valley? There are a couple of reasons. The most obvious is the abundance of quartz crystals known as Herkimer Diamonds that are found within the dolestone here. These crystals are the most valued of quartz and known worldwide as a sacred healing gem. Our gorgeous, green valley is a mecca for quartz miners who come from all corners of the Earth every year to collect it.

These clear, bright, "attunement stones" were also believed to be highly revered by the First Nations. The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) that at one time widely inhabited the Mohawk Valley and New York State were a confederacy of six nations. One of these nations, the Kahnien'keha:ka (Mohawk People), pronounced, Ga-nia-gay-ha-ga, or The People of the Flint were the Keepers of the Eastern Door and lived in the Mohawk Valley and it's surrounding hills. Interestingly, flint is a form of quartz and the flint we think of as being used to make tools and weapons is not in great abundance here. There are no flint quarries or archeological evidence of specific flint mining. And, according to Dean R. Snow, historical anthropologist, "...the flint (or more properly chert) sources in Mohawk country were not particularly sought after. More important were the clear quartz crystals now called Herkimer Diamonds, which could be quarried in a few local mines and abound on Mohawk village sites. These were highly valued by Iroquois and other nations. Kanyenke was more likely "Place of the Crystals." Crystals were symbolically imporant as amulets of success, health, and long life, artifacts more likely to inspire a name than a second-rate chert. The Mohawks were the main suppliers of quartz crystals up to 1614."

So here we are, in the Valley of Crystals! Please join us! This is a free event! Donations accepted but not required! 




Herbal First Aid

During these changing times of uncertainty, grounding ourselves in some practical skills can empower us as individuals and as a community.

Learn the basics of Herbal First Aid with Lisa Fazio Herbalist, Herbal Street Medic, and certified Wilderness First Responder and Dorothy Connor, RN and a member of the American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA). We will discuss herbal remedies, bandaging, splints, ace wraps, and so on for minor injuries and acute illnesses including wound cleaning, strains and sprains, infections, stress, shock, and how to know when it’s time to go to the ER or call for higher definitive care. We will give examples of what are the best herbal preparations to have in your first aid kit and medicine cabinet as well as herbs for traveling and to bring along hiking and camping in the wilderness. We will also briefly discuss some post-disaster nutrition, health and healing strategies.

This class is appropriate for any level of herbal student from beginner on up!

Topics we will cover:

Types of preparations and their shelf life: teas, tinctures, salves, powders,etc




Sprains and Strains

How to stop bleeding

Dressing wounds


Making splints

Insect Bites






Location: Many Roots Earth Center

2739 Newport Rd. Poland, NY 13431

Sliding Scale Cost: $50-75

If this is still cost prohibitive for you please let us know and we'll work something out!


Earth Day Wild Plant Walk

in the Mohawk Valley

April 22,1-2pm

Our plant walk will take us along the Mohawk River(canal area) in Little Falls for Earth Day! Meet at Faces of Astarte, 407 Canal Place, Little Falls, NY  and our guide will be Lisa Fazio, the Kuyahoora Radicle, Herbalist and Plant Whisperer from Many Roots Earth Center in Newport, NY. 

We'll wander the water's edge and get to know some of our local wild Spring medicinal and edible weedy wonders. We will discuss the difference between native and naturalized plants, conservation, and how to form a relationship with the many green wonders of the Mohawk Valley by learning their names and favorite places to grow and thrive. This walk will be about an hour long and will offer tips for plant id, time to take photos, and ask questions as well as share your own personal local plant knowledge. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a journal if you'd like to take notes!

This plant walk is by donation! 





Resonant Earth Medicine


Spring Flower Essence Sessions


at Faces of Astarte

April 26th, 5-8pm

Spring arrives as the time of rebirth, new seeds, and shifting winds. Spring is also a "great revealer" as the snows clear and  our bodies release the accumulations of Winter's shadows.  What we have stored up over the past dark months rises up to be identified, honored, and transformed into the source of the new season's creative endeavors. During this seasonal change flower essences can provide us with some support, grounding, strength, and confidence for envisioning the future. 

Flower essences hold the energetic imprint and unique character of the flower or plant it is made from. Because plants and humans co-evolved, the patterns that are embodied in the energetic architecture of a flower correspond to our own human patterns. These dynamic forces touch our strengths to bring them forward and support us where we may find obstacles to our creativity and vitality. Flower essences can profoundly influence our personal transformation by enabling our inherent capacity to initiate change, stabilize when we're off center, and inspire our sacred text and personal vision.

These sessions will be 20 minutes with Lisa Fazio where you'll have an opportunity to discuss your current process and what elements you would like to see woven anew. Bring a dream, a story, some intentions, or just come as you are. Lisa will design a custom blended  1/2 ounce flower essence for you to take home. These will be flower and plant allies that will be just for you and your specific needs!

Energy Exchange: sliding scale~$10-30

To Schedule Your Session: or call 315-845-1562




Herbs for Children and Babies

at Many Roots Earth Center with Lisa Fazio

2739 Newport Rd. Newport, NY

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Lisa's work as an herbalist began with using herbal remedies with her own children. In this class we will cover a comprehensive range of herbal and nutritional remedies for dealing with common childhood ailments. We will discuss the different types of preparations that are most suitable for using with kids, where to buy ingredients or already made preparations, as well as dosages and safety. Kids can be tricky to get to "take their medicine" so we'll offer some secrets and sneakiness to get your child to take herbs. We will also make a simple calendula salve that can be used for anything from cuts, scrapes, chapped lips and diaper rash.

Topics will include:

  • teething
  • diaper rash
  • colic
  • colds and flus
  • ear infections
  • exzema and other rashes
  • food allergies
  • fever
  • stomach bugs

Cost: Sliding Scale~$35-80


Private Lessons


$180 ~4 hours divided up by the hour or used all at once

For any level of herbal enthusiast from beginner to practitioner who would like private mentorship based on your individual needs and time constraints. Topics include any aspect of herbal medicine from starting an herbal business, herbal home remedy making, basic anatomy, botany, plant ID, or any other skill set that you would like to grow and deepen into. This is a great opportunity to go over case studies and receive direction and guidance for working with family and friends or as a complement to another healing modality. Please email or call to inquire:

lisa@hawthornehillherbs or 315-845-1562

These class are offered on a limited basis and time slots will be scheduled on a "first-come/first serve" basis.