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Keeping Hearth~The Practice of Sacred Householding


"HOUSEHOLDER-One who inhabits a house on the Earth while living with God in her heart, or the Goddess in her soul. A difficult sadhana(spiritual practice). In India, one on a spiritual path would be a householder for the first part of the adult life and then become devoted to a solitary practice during the latter years. Sometimes the world catches us though." ~Jeannine Parvati in Hygieia, A Woman's Herbal

I've spent my entire adult life as what can be called a "householder". This is a term that, to me, means that part of the work of my soul on Earth is the work of running a household and all that pertains to it. This type of work, or what one might call "spiritual path", is probably the most challenging and wrought with pitfalls that will test the tinder of the strongest of hearts.  The challenges, however, are great teachers that, when mastered, cultivate great reward. I've not always been conscious and grateful for this form of service because I've often found it to be an oppressive burden placed upon me by conscription from a variety of internal and external forces. One being my dearest and most formidable complex of perfectionism along with a solid, well-embedded pattern of OCD. I also inherited my Italian immigrant grandparents motto of toxic shame that still rings in my ears to this day, "We may be poor but we don't have to be dirty," so clean, clean, clean.

Tick Bite Protocol

Recommendations for Tick Bite and Lyme Disease Prevention

I. Your best defense against Lyme disease is a healthy immune systemYour immune cells are perfectly capable of fending off a Lyme infection when it is in optimal health. These tips will support and strengthen your body to its highest immune potential.

  • A well-balanced diet that includes essential nutrients, healthy fats and good quality protein. Animal proteins are the most nutritious when they are derived from grass-fed and humanely raised animals or wild game. Vegetarian proteins are best sourced from organically grown plants.
  • A healthy microbiome/gut flora that includes a diverse population of “good” bacteria that promotes the complete digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Sunlight and fresh air. The best and, possibly, the only true and reliable  source of Vitamin D is sunlight.  Even as little as 20 to 30 minutes per day of morning sunlight is enough depending on skin type.
  • Moderate exercise
  • Balanced activity and effective coping mechanisms. Stress is a major impediment to good health as stress hormones interfere with the immune response. Excessive activity and time demands increase stress and making it more difficult to cook good quality meals and gain enough rest
  • Rest, rest, rest! At least 8 hours per night or more is essential to good health. Naps are like super heroes for your health if you can take them. Rest is difficult when we are stressed out or feel like we have too much to do but if you get sick with a chronic illness it will be hard to get anything done at all.

Decentralizing Herbalism

This article first appeared in Plant Healer Magazine which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the study of herbal medicine, creating healthy human community and basic human rights. It's an excellent resource for any level of herbalist from novice, to hobbyist to herbal practitioner.


Herbal Medicine and the Meeting of the Worlds


The roots of herbal medicine stretch far and wide throughout the matrix of human history, absorbing the essential nutrients of time during its journey within the narrative of the Earth. It’s a tale of wildness, creation, and co-evolutionary alliances that has engaged us in the twining of the original conversation of the elements that continues its atomic exchange and feeds and nourishes the fire at the hearth of the soul of the world. Our ongoing collaboration with the plants is coursing forward on the genetic scrolls of our ancestors and must be consistently renewed and renegotiated in order to keep this tradition alive.  We are bequeathed with continuing the lineage of the eternal as it successively emerges into form. The decisions we make, the structures we build, and the qualities we actualize now will determine the aspects of creation that will be available to our descendants. The question arises of how we can unite our diverse ideals, experience, and present needs in a way that will maintain the ultimate integrity of what was once the primary health care system of the world.

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